Charming Presentation Box "Little Girl on a Swing" with Costumes and Accessories

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12" (30 cm.) x 9" case. 11" doll. Seated on a brass link swing which suspends from the box lid, is a bisque head doll with blue glass eyes, open mouth, tiny teeth, blonde mohair wig, wooden block torso, spiral metal upper arms and legs, paper mache lower arms and legs, painted red stockings and brown shoes. She is wearing a pretty ivory silk dress with red detailing, and arranged around her is a bounty of additional costumes, accessories, toiletries and little play toys. The case, which is covered with decorative papers and has a leather carrying handle, is designed to open from either or both sides. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: SH 10/0 dep (doll). Comments: for the French market, circa 1890. Value Points: beautifully-preserved presentation toy case, likely created for Paris department store Etrennes catalog, is a rare treasure.
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