Chinese Wooden Door of Hope Bride and Groom in Traditional Costumes

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10" (25 cm.) and 11". Each has carved wooden head with well-defined facial features and cloth body; the woman has angular face with sculpted and painted black hair drawn into a floral- bordered chignon at the back of her head,painted brows,dark eyes,closed mouth with red lips,with wooden hands; the groom with high-domed forehead,sculpted features,tiny eyes,very high domed forehead with small painted black pate,painted brows and lips,cloth arms. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Chinese Door of Hope mission,circa 1920s. Value Points: the bride wears stunning red silk costume with embroidered dainty flowers,matching red slippers,and ornate head-dress with seed-pearl edging,and the groom wears purple silk jacket over blue robe,red leggings,blue boots,black cap with red embroidery and attached long human hair queue.
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