Collection of Early-20th Century Children's Toys and Accessories

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8.5" (22 cm.) Noah's Ark. Comprising two lithographed tin oval receptacles designed for catching butterflies or bugs (one having rare images of various insects,butterflies,and frogs on one side,and a scene of children chasing butterflies,one girl wearing this very tin case,on the other side); a curved wooden lunch box with leather strap (written Love Father 1920 on the inside); Noah's Ark with lithographed-paper cover depicting Ark scenes and labeled"Marvin's Bakery",accordion-hinged baby cradle with colorful scenes on end boards; and a set of stacking blocks featuring animals and children's scenes including girls with dolls. Good condition,all with play wear,some scratches and wear to tin and paper. A charming selection of classic play toys from late-19th/early20th century.
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