Collection of German All-Bisque Kewpies

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6" (15 cm.) h. largest. Each is all bisque (except seated Kewpie with black cat which is glazed porcelain), and each has classic Kewpie features of topknot, side curls, side-glancing eyes, blue wings, and impish smile. Included are two standing Kewpies with jointed arms (one with original box), seated Kewpie with folded arms in wicker chair, Kewpie Sweeper with broom and dustbin, tiny Kewpie with mandolin, and seated Kewpie shaker with black cat. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1912, from original Rose O'Neill designs. Value Points: a charming collection of action and standing Kewpies, with an original box having Rose O'Neill illustrations.
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