Companion German Wooden Mannequin Woman in Original Superb Couturier Ottoman Costume

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37" (94 cm.) All-wooden doll with swivel head, painted brown hair drawn away from face, well-defined facial features with gentle expression, detailed ears, painted brown eyes, fully-articulated wooden body with defined bosom and small waist, dowel-construction at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, knees and ankles, and with ball-swivel waist, posed fingers. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: mid-1800s, originally conceived as artist mannequins, the models also appeared as exhibition mannequins in costume shops. Value Points: with exceptional sculpting of gentle demeanor, and fine artistic painting, wearing multi-layered original costume of the wealthy Ottoman aristocracy, the model was likely originally an exhibition doll, and is superbly preserved. Ex-Collection Mary Merritt Museum.
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