Composition "Godey Lady" from 1946 Portrait Series

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21" (53 cm.) All composition with socket head, brown sleep eyes, grey eyeshadow, brushstroked brows, unusual painting of lashes, closed mouth with very full outlined lips, blonde human hair in elaborate coiffure (under hair net), jointing at shoulders and hips with slender limbs. She is wearing original ivory lace gown (zipper back and metal bosom shapes) with three tiers of taffeta faille ruffles at the lower skirt which are gathered into a draped cluster at the back, with a garland of white roses across the waist, matching petticoat and panties, stockings and black shoes with burgundy silk ankle ties, and woven bonnet designed to sit atop her head, with upturned back brim and clusters of white roses. There are surface lines overall her face, the costume is excellent. Madame Alexander, 1946, the Godey Lady model from her Portrait Series with original clover leaf foil tag.
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