Composition "Jeannie Walker" in Blue Sailor-Theme Costume

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14" (36 cm.) All composition with socket head, brown sleep eyes, real lashes, dark eyeshadow, closed mouth with tiny lips, brunette mohair wig, jointing at shoulders, unusual jointing of legs designed to allow the doll to move legs forward and back as though walking. She is wearing original blue pique pleated dress with anchor design on sleeves, attached petticoat, panties, navy blue sailor cap, socks and side-snap black shoes. The costume is tagged "Jeannie Walker/Madame Alexander/All Rights Reserved"; the doll is marked "Alexander Pat. no.2171281", and there is a label on the torso "wig contains 75% wool". Excellent condition except some light discoloration on face, some costume darkening, especially nice body and wig, Madame Alexander, 1941, the doll in this costume was featured in May, 1941 Alexander ad in Playthings Magazine.
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