Composition Lady Doll as "Renoir" from Rare Portrait Series, 1942

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21" (53 cm.) All-composition with socket head, brown sleep eyes, real lashes, painted grey eyelids and eye shadow, three painted lashes at each outer eye corner, fringed brows, closed mouth with very full red lips, brunette mohair wig in very elaborate coiffure with cascading ringlet curls from the back crown, jointing at shoulders and hips. She is wearing original pale yellow taffeta gown with black lace edging and ruffles and magenta silk ribbons and waist bow, elaborate bustle at the back, black lace fingerless gloves, ruffled petticoat, pantalets, stockings, and black tie shoes. The panties are tagged "Madame Alexander New York USA". The composition has heavy craze lines and a paint chip at left seam line, costume is excellent. Madame Alexander, 1942.
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