Composition Portrait Lady, "Romance", in Superb Black Velvet Ensemble

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21" (53 cm.) All-composition with socket head, blue/green sleep eyes, grey eyelids, grey eyeshadow, real lashes, four painted lashes at the corner of each eye, closed mouth with rich red heart-shaped lips, brunette mohair wig with elaborate arrangement of curls at her crown and captured with black velvet ribbon at the back, slender torso and jointing at shoulders and hips. She is wearing a black velvet ensemble with flared-hip jacket with gigot sleeves and black lace edging, matching flared skirt, white fur cap and muff, petticoat, panties, thigh-high stockings, black shoes with ribbon ties, and jewelry including pearl-centered petal earrings, and beaded pin with pearl drop. The panties are marked "Madame Alexander New York". Near mint condition, small touch-up at one eye, muff is frail. Madame Alexander, from their portrait series, 1946, with original clover leaf label, the model was presented as "Romance" and is the rarest model from the 1946 portrait series.
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