Composition Red-Haired "Jeannie Walker" with Original Tagged Costume

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20" (51 cm.) All composition with socket head, brown sleep eyes, real lashes, dark eyeshadow, tiny closed mouth, red hair with curly bangs and braids, jointed shoulders, distinctively-jointed legs which swing back and forth as though walking. She is wearing original tagged yellow organdy costume with lace trim and attached slip, panties, socks, bow-tie shoes. The dress is tagged "Jeannie Walker/Madame Alexander/N.Y. USA/All Right Reserved" and the doll is marked "Alexander Doll Co. Pat. No 217 0181". Good condition, some light retouch in few hidden spots, few tiny dress spots. Madame Alexander, 1939; few examples of Jeannie Walker are found in this size and body style.
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