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Making ourselves accessible and approachable is one of the great hallmarks of Theriault’s. That is why we include e-mail and contact information for all of our senior staff and founders. Further, when you call us during regular business hours, we guarantee that a real live person will answer the phone to assure the most personal of service and the proper fielding of your questions or needs. Whatever way you choose to communicate we would love to hear from you!


Theriault’s, PO Box 151,

Annapolis, MD 21404

Telephone: 410-224-3655

Fax: 1-410-224-2515


General Inquiries and Customer Service – info@theriaults.com

Selling Your Dolls – selling@theriaults.com

Public Relations and Press Inquiries – info@theriaults.com

Florence & George Products – info@florenceandgeorge.com

Stuart Holbrook, President - stuart@theriaults.com

Florence Theriault, Founder - florence@theriaults.com


For General Questions: