Delightful and Rare French Mechanical Pull-Toy "Polichinelle Riding an Ostrich"

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24" (61 cm.) overall h. 16"l. of base. A bisque-headed Polichinelle doll is seated upon a large paper mache ostrich. The doll has blue glass paperweight inset eyes,painted features,closed mouth with piquant smile,pierced ears,blonde mohair wig over cork pate,carton torso with classic Polichinelle front and back torso humps,carved wooden hands and feet,wearing blue and rose silk Polichinelle costume,and the ostrich has glass eyes and realistically painted and sculpted features and beak. The doll and ostrich are posed upon a metal wheeled wooden platform that hides a simple mechanism; when pulled along Polichinelle quickly turns his head from side to side,and waves the ostrich forward with the baton in his hand. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: the maker of the distinctive French painted platform pull-toys remains a mystery; the doll head is from Jumeau,circa 1880. Value Points: absolutely delightful and rare toy with luxurious and imaginative details.
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