Delightful and Very Rare French Painted Tin Mechanical Toy in Original Box

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6 1/2" (17 cm.) Painted tin figure of a woman with sculpted white Dutch cap with red bow,upper glancing eyes and "O" shaped mouth,original cloth costume and wooden shoes,with hinged arms,her hands clasping a footed plate in which is set a metal rod spiral spring that supports ten tin plates. When wound,the woman runs around in circles,trying in vain to balance the plates she is holding. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism functions well. Marks: Madelon Casseuse D'Assietes,No260 Brevete SGDG V.B. & Co Paris Made in France (label on box). Comments: French,circa 1910. Value Points: the rare toy with delightful action,is perfectly preserved in near mint condition,in original box with instructions on play on inside lid,and illustrations of "before" and "after" on the outside lid.
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