Early and Rare French Carton Moule Lady Doll with Fine Early Trousseau

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22" (56 cm.) Carton moule head and upper torso of adult lady with perfectly oval face and elongated strong throat, curved bosom and defined high waist, painted complexion and facial features, large brown outlined eyes with enhancing glaze highlights, feathered brows, accented nostrils of pointy-tip nose, closed mouth with suggestion of smile, brunette mohair wig, kid over carton upper torso, firmly-stuffed linen lower torso, hand-stitched kid arms and hands with separated fingers, leather sewn-on boots, original gown, net ruffled cap, undergarments and laced corset. Condition: generally excellent, early retouch to facial finish. Comments: French, circa 1810. Value Points: rare doll with compelling presence; included is her original trousseau comprising high-waisted cotton frock with detachable sleeves, high-waist finely-woven gown with silk trim and detachable sleeves; black woolen coat with kid collar and soutache embroidery; two hand-stitched night shifts, and an assortment of antique undergarments.
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