Early Continental Wooden Mannequin Doll with Extra Articulations

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19" (48 cm.) All-wooden figure with one-piece upper torso and head, oval face and elongated slender throat, painted brown hair with feathering above the sculpted ears, painted brown eyes with rich outline, feathered brows, rose-blushed eyeshadow and cheeks, aquiline nose, closed mouth, dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles, and with ball-swivel waist. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Continental, early 1800s, the classic model served as the inspiration for Leon Casimir Bru's wooden poupee body of 1867 (see lot 158 this catalog). Value Points: important mannequin model with superbly painted face and hair, extra articulations.
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