Early English Rag Doll of Hand-Woven Linen with Oil-Painted Face

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26" (66 cm.) All-cloth doll of hand-woven linen with stitched-on flat-dimensional face, oil-painted complexion, features and painted shaded brown hair, half-moon shaped blue eyes with white eyedots and brown upper shading, mouth painted as though open with two lower teeth and shaded lips, applied nose, softly-stuffed body, oil-painted hands with crudely-shaped fingers, stitched bonnet rim framing the face, antique costume. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: an early attached paper label reads "Jane - circa 1690-1700, English rag doll made of hand woven linen, hands and face oil painted, triangle nose". Value Points: well-preserved and most appealing doll with interesting provenance note, unique construction. 
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