Early English Wooden Doll with Rare Blue Glove Kidskin Arms

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13" (33 cm.) One-piece carved wooden head and torso with unusual wide rounded face, extended throat, shapely bosom and flat back, one-piece legs jointed at hips, cloth upper arms, blue kidskin lower arms with defined fingers and thumbs to appear as though gloves, tacked-on blonde mohair wig over muslin cap, blue enamel inset eyes, painted complexion with dot-front lashes and brows, closed thin-line mouth, blush spots, wearing early silk dress with homespun lining and woven roses and silk garlands, lace collar and cuffs, matching cap under early bonnet, undergarments, tied-on green silk slipper to match purse. Condition: generally excellent, original finish. Comments: English, late 18th century. Value Points: enamel eyes, rare "gloves", original finish, beautiful early costume including unusual woven straw bonnet with decorative covering of tiny wood chips.
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