Early French Bisque Bebe by Gaultier with Bisque Hands and Original Costume

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21" (53 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid shoulder plate, large blue glass paperweight inset eyes with spiral threading, dark eyeliner, dark painted curly lashes, mauve-blushed eyeshadow, arched feathered brows, accented eye corners, shaded nostrils, closed mouth with defined space between the accented lips, blushed chin, pierced ears, brunette mohair wig over cork pate, kid gusset-jointed bebe body, bisque lower arms with nicely shaped fingers. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Gaultier,circa 1880, his earliest period bebe. Value Points: exceptionally beautiful model with superb sculpting, dramatic eyes, original sturdy body, wearing original royal blue wool/silk dress with Alencon lace, undergarments, shoes, lace cap. Ex-original family owners from Downingtown, Pennsylvania.
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