Early French Paper Mache Waltzing Couple by Theroude in Original Costumes

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12" (30 cm.) A lady and gentleman with paper mache head,blue inset eyes,painted features,closed mouth,the lady with hint of smile and light brown mohair wig in elaborately braided style,and the gentleman with dark brown hair and sculpted moustache and goatee,are posed as though about to begin a waltz,each with one hand on its hip and the right arm clasping the other person. A hidden metal cone beneath the woman's skirt contains the mechanism which when wound,causes the couple to glide in graceful circles and then forward. Condition: very good,woman has three broken fingers. Marks: A. Theroude Paris. Comments: Theroude,Paris,circa 1850,the exact piece with variations in costume is shown full page in Bailly's Automata,The Golden Age. Value Points: artistically-presented and very rare,the waltzing couple are posed realistically,as is their dance performance; their very frail costumes are original with detailed ornamentation.
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