Early French Wooden Doll with Swivel Neck and Walking Mechanism

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17" (43 cm.) Carved wooden head with flat-cut socket, brown glass enamel inset eyes, heavy modeled eyelids, painted features, remnants of original tacked on wig, kid-stretched-over wooden upper torso, shapely waist, hinge-jointed one-piece legs with painted shoes, cloth upper arms, kid lower arms with stitched and separated fingers. The skirt is disguising an early walking mechanism with large wooden wheels enclosed is a cast metal mechanical device which, when wound, cause the doll to walk briskly along, while turning her head. Condition: face has been repainted, mechanism functions sporadically and is sold as such. Comments: French, early 1800s. Value Points: rare early doll, well worthy of serious restoration, wearing fine early costume with quilted skirt, slip with very fine chain stitch embroidery, coin pockets, chemise, and lace cap.
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