Early German Bisque Doll with Costumes in Presentation Box for the French Etrennes Market

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10" (25 cm.) doll. 12" x 15" box. Arranged within a glass-front wooden box with decorative paper covers and lace edged interior is a bisque shoulderhead doll with blonde sculpted hair and painted facial features, blue eyes, closed mouth, muslin body and bisque limbs, wearing cotton undergarments, gown and bonnet. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: German doll, in original French presentation box, circa 1880. A similar presentation was shown in the Petit-St.Thomas store Etrennes catalog of 1879, available in four sizes, each set with three complete costumes. Value Points: pristine preservation, the presentation box includes the costumed doll along with a white pique dress and delicate batiste dress with blue floral print. The doll appears in the book, Etrennes, French 19th Century Holiday Dolls and Playthings, by Florence Theriault.
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