Early German Cloth Character Doll "Ulrich", Series I, by Kathe Kruse in Rare Original Box

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17" (43 cm.) All-cloth doll with firmly-pressed and oil-painted head, brown painted hair with soft wispy curls onto the forehead, brown down-glancing eyes with black and brown upper eyeliner, white eyedots, closed mouth with pouting expression, stitch-jointed arms with separately-sewn thumbs, disc-jointed legs, antique costume including cotton romper suit, shirt, jacket, undergarment, socks and shoes. Condition: head is excellent, body has some dustiness. Marks: 6557 (or 65057, on foot). Comments: Kathe Kruse, circa 1925. Value Points: most appealing wistful-faced doll is preserved in original rare box with unusual colorful design and original Kathe Kruse printed label with inventory label "Ulrich I B 59".
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