Early German Paper Mache Doll in Grand Size

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32" (82 cm.) Paper mache shoulder head of adult woman with oval-shaped face,strong elongated throat,black sculpted hair with deep combmark lines waved softly in front of well-detailed sculpted ears to form two finger curls behind each ear,the hair at back of head combed into a tightly braided chignon,large dark blue eyes,upper eyeliner,fringed brows,accented nostrils of aquiline nose,closed mouth with accent line between the lips,muslin stitch- jointed body,lovely early cotton-printed gown with leg oÕmutton sleeves,undergarments,leather shoes. Condition: good,typical craquelure and possible long-ago over-varnishing. Comments: Germany,circa 1840. Value Points: rare early doll in grand size with fabulous elaborately detailed coiffure,sculpted ears,finely shaped nose,good old costume and an additional (extremely worn) period gown included.
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