Early Grodnertal Wooden Doll as Peddler with Basket of Notions

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11" (28 cm.) All-wooden doll with painted black hair with shaded curls around the face, painted-over-gesso complexion and facial features, dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, wearing her original homespun and woolen costume with flannel bonnet, undergarments, and carrying a woven basket upon which are arranged a myriad of tiny sewing notions and related goods such as tiny toys. The doll and basket are posed upon a wooden base under glass dome. Condition: generally excellent, tip of tuck comb repaired. Comments: Grodnertal, circa 1850, the peddler presentation was created for the English market. Value Points: desirable early wooden doll is heightened by presentation with original early notions. Ex-Legoland Museum of Dolls and Toys.
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