Early Model German Cloth Character by Kathe Kruse in Original Costume

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17" (43 cm.) All-cloth doll with pressed and painted facial features,dark brown painted hair with forelock curl,small blue painted eyes with black upper eyeliner and brown eye shadow,accented nostrils of tiny nose,closed mouth with pouting lips,jointed shoulders and disc-jointed hips,separately-sewn thumb. Condition: very good,dent in left cheek. Marks: Kathe Kruse 1189 (feet). Comments: Kathe Kruse,circa 1911,the transitional model has the early face and painting of the so-called "froghand" doll,yet this example has separately-sewn thumbs. Value Points: rare early model with superb original wool felt flannel costume with red piping,brown belt,knapsack,brown leatherette boots with green leggings and green knit cap.
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