Early Taufling Baby in Cherub Gilded Bed

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5" (13 cm.) 8" bed. A superbly sculpted baby of wood or terra cotta has short brown curly hair, defined ears and facial features, tiny enamel eyes, and is wrapped in original swaddling costume finished with metallic threads and lace, torso without arms and legs as originally made. The baby is resting upon its original carved wooden bed with elaborately scrolled decorations including cherub with outstretched angel wings on the footboard, finished in rich gold leaf, with original hand-woven bed covers with metallic fringe edging. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: likely 18th century, but exact date uncertain. Value Points: the doll is in superb original condition throughout, and was featured by Estrid Faurholt in her Book of Dolls and Dollhouses described in the lovely phrase "baby in a golden bed". Ex-Legoland Museum of Dolls.
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