"Echoes of Old Remembered Times" Marquis Doll Auction - January 23 and 24, 2021

January 23-24, 2021 — Marquis Antique Doll Auction.

Turning the pages of our past as we shelter at home is now a commonplace. This might be, quite literally, pages of old nearly-forgotten family albums or might be pages of our mind. We dream of rare dolls we have imagined, and we dream of others we’ve loved which got away. Theriault’s brings many of these treasures to you today, to real life, in their January 2021 auction, offering more than 400 antique and vintage dolls and playthings.

The beloved French doll is in abundance highlighted by a splendid bébé A.T. in tiny size 1, along with bébé beauties by Bru, Jumeau, Rabery and Delphieu, Gaultier, and Steiner. The sizes range from grand exhibition models to dainty cabinet sizes, each with superb antique costumes. Poupées, too, are found in fabulous array, along with their accessories and extra costumes.

Collectors of early dolls are not ignored. Highlighting the auction is an outstanding early English wooden, preciously stored for more than 250 years in her wooden box along with seven original costumes of couturier quality. Too, the petite Grodnertal wooden has her own original box and, also, has a wonderful original trousseau that is virtually not to be found today. There are other early wooden and paper mache dolls, as well as rare porcelain dolls and bisque ladies with sculpted hair, some from previous museum collections sold by Theriault’s decades ago.

Max and Moritz always top the lists of “wants” for character doll collectors, especially when found in a pair such as those presented in this auction. The auction has a bevy of rare character dolls from Kammer and Reinhardt, Simon and Halbig, Gebruder Heubach and more, some the rare painted eye models produced during the short-lived art character era of 1909-1912. Googlies, too, cheerfully abound; more than a baker’s dozen can be found including one actually in a baker’s costume!

Specialty collectors are not forgotten. There is the collection of rare early Door of Hope dolls, the collection of original Shirley Temple dolls, French automata and German hand-wind mechanical musical toys, dollrooms and stables, collection of American black cloth folk dolls (see the article on pages 12-13 of this brochure), outstanding maitrise quality doll-sized furnishings, antique doll costumes, rare teddy bears, Schoenhut dolls and animals, Kathe Kruse dolls and other cloth models, and more.

In all, the auction is all you hoped for. Plan your auction day now. Get ready to draw up a chair, and watch and listen to the bidding fun for two great days. Get registered to bid, and, if the mood takes you, go ahead and bid. Or just enjoy. After all, even if we can’t be greeting you person-to-person, we want to keep the history alive. As collectors say, “If it’s January, it’s Theriault’s”.


A limited edition collectible book which includes award-winning photographs of every doll, detailed description and historical background, and pre-sale estimate is available to order now. Shipping is free, and the books are sent priority mail. And after the auction you will receive prices realized to keep with the book forever. To order visit www.theriaults.com, email info@theriaults.com, or call 410-224-3655.

The auction begins at 11AM Eastern both days. We welcome absentee bidding, live telephone bidding, and live bidding on the internet. Too, you can “tune-in” to the online auction and watch and listen to the entire event. Questions? Give us a call and we’ll help you choose the bidding option that is best for you.

Auction Information
The auction will take place at the Theriault's Studio in Annapolis, Maryland. For auction information call Theriault’s at 410-224-3655 M-F 9AM-5PM EST or go online to theriaults.com.

Our New Service
Face2Live is Theriault’s new service that allows you to schedule an appointment to view on live video feed close-ups of a few dolls you are most interested in. Simply click the handy button on the side of the bottom left of the page. From there you will be connected to one of our staff on video chat (you do not have to be on video yourself) who can either get the doll you are interested in right then or schedule an appointment with you later. A great way to get a close up look of features and face in a live private video session. Available M-F 9AM-4PM.

How To Bid. Choose the dolls that "speak" to you, and have the fun! You can bid absentee, bid live on the telephone, or bid live on the internet. For more information, please contact us at 410-224-3655, email us at info@theriaults.com or visit theriaults.com.