"Emily", The Doll of Sara Crewe (Shirley Temple) in "The Little Princess"

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19" (48 cm.) Wax shoulder head doll with large blue glass inset eyes, inset lashes, closed mouth with coral lips, light brown hair, kid body with gusset jointing, waxed composition lower legs. The body has ink script label "20th C-Fox 32-50079". Very good condition, some body repair. The doll, named Emily, appears in many scenes of the 1939 film "The Little Princess" beginning with her arrival at the seminary and including holding a prominent position in both her luxury rooms and her garret room. In despair, in one scene in the garret, she cries to her doll, "I can't be a good soldier much longer. I'm cold, and I'm hungry, too. Do you hear? No, you don't hear, you don't hear and you don't care. You're nothing but a doll. Just a doll. A doll."
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