An Exceptional and Rare Schoenhut Parade Bandwagon with Seven Bandmen and Horses

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20" (51 cm) wagon,about 40" overall. A carved wooden bandwagon with wooden wheels is lavishly decorated in gilt and red paint over embossed paperboard with lavish relief scenes of horses and chariots,lion's heads,elephants,and clowns above the embossed name "Humpty Dumpty Circus". Seated upon the graduated height seats of the bandwagon are six bandmen in red felt parade uniforms with articulated bodies,some with painted moustache,each with wooden detachable parade helmet and a musical instrument,and a seventh man,the leader of the band,who sits at the front with a baton. The wagon is being pulled by four dappled Schoenhut wooden horses with original harnesses,posed upon wooden wheeled bases. Condition: very good,coats replaced except the driver. Comments: Schoenhut,circa 1910. Value Points: exceptionally rare American toy,made for a few years only,is dramatically designed to perfectly capture the essence of the real circus; few examples are known to exist.
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