Exceptional Early English Wooden Doll with Great Presence

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18" (46 cm.) Carved wooden head and shapely torso, high domed forehead, dainty defined chin, black enamel inset eyes, dot outlined eyes, single-stroke brows with fringe detail, slender angular nose, pursed lips with center accent line, blushed cheeks, tacked on brunette human hair wig, cloth upper arms, wooden lower arms with spatula-shaped hands, wooden legs with jointing at hips and knees. Condition: very good, some typical craquelure on face, original wig sparse. Comments: English, early 1700s, the modeling of the face is very distinctive with sculpted indentations around the eyes, curved shape of face at the sides of head, and suggestion of double chin. Three other examples sold by Theriault's (Welker Collection lot #2, Estelle Johnston Collection lot #6, and June Ellen Lane Collection lot #244) are very similar in facial modeling and suggest their origination from the hands of a singular craftsman or studio, albeit that maker is still unidentified. Provenance details on two of these dolls indicate an origin date of late 1600s/early 1700s. Value Points: splendid early doll with great presence, her superb costume featuring multi-layers of undergarments and with original fitted slippers.
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