Expressions Marquis Auction - May 6 and 7, 2017 in Dallas, Texas


A Marquis Auction of Important Antique Dolls

Highlighted by the Estate Collection of Liv Greta Brem of Oslo, Norway

MAY 6 & 7, 2017

Dallas, Texas at the Marriott Las Colinas in Irving

For nearly 40 years, in her home just behind the famed Oslo Castle, Liv Greta Brem has gathered a consummate collection of fine European antique dolls, including those once owned by the family of the Norwegian expressionist painter, Edvard Munch.  

Expressions, in fact, has been the theme of the Brem collection, as she sought dolls whose faces and poses reflected human moods, both of children and adults. Fine antique dolls of bisque, porcelain, paper mache, wood and wax filled every cranny of this private museum. The auction is filled with superb dolls from the most noted French dollmakers including Bru, Jumeau, Steiner, Schmitt and Gaultier - in sizes ranging from the very rare grand size 16 to the tiny size 1. Bébés stand side-by-side along the lady poupées including a very fine Huret with her trunk and trousseau (of which two dresses have the Huret stamp), wooden-bodied Bru models, and other gorgeous examples in their totally original costumes. A fine wooden doll traces her stylistic lineage to the Lord and Lady Clapham family as seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum, and other rare dolls still retain their original provenance such as the porcelain “Mabel Lee” with her trunk, trousseau and family story. There are early cloth folk art dolls including a mint Sheppard Baby, two fine early Columbian dolls, a small collection of Lenci dolls, early period Steiff bear from original family home, English peddler dolls, early English wax, French automata, a superb collection of finely-crafted 19th century maitrise doll-sized furnishings, early Kathe Kruse, grand arrangements of Elastolin soldiers and scenes, and even a large collection of Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls (sold in large groups) and Style Show ladies. The collection includes more than 350 dolls and related childhood playthings, and is available for bidding by attending the auction (the most fun, of course!), or by absentee bidding, live telephone bidding, or live internet bidding if you cannot attend.  

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