Exquisite French Bisque Kid-Bodied Bebe,Size 3,by Thuillier

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13" (33 cm.) Pressed bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate,brown glass enamel inset eyes,dark eyeliner,painted lashes,brush-stroked and multi-feathered brows,rose-blushed eye shadow,accented nostrils and eye corners,closed mouth with heart-shaped outlined and shaded lips,pierced ears,blonde mohair wig over cork pate,kid bebe body with gusset-jointing,bisque forearms. Condition: generally excellent,very very faint hairlines that may be original from right eye to nose,and from left eye to ear. Marks: A 3 & (head) A.T. 3 (shoulders). Comments: Andre Thuillier,the premiere model of his luxury bebe. Value Points: exquisite beauty of the rare model with finest bisque and painting,sturdy original body with perfect bisque hands,wearing lovely antique costume including dotted Swiss dress,undergarments,stockings,leather shoes,ormolu cross on velvet ribbon and superb woven bonnet; also included are two additional night shifts and a ruffled sunbonnet; she also owns one original A.T. shoe.
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