Extraordinary 1855 Universal Exposition Bronze Medal of Adelaide Calixte Huret

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2 1/2" (6 cm.) The actual bronze medal awarded to the French doll maker,Adelaide Huret,in honor of the deposed model doll she presented at the Universal Exposition of 1855 in Paris. A raised profile of Emperor Napoleon III (husband of Empress Eugenie) appears on one side of the medal,and an elaborate design and the words "Exposition Universelle,Agriculture,Industrie,Beaux Arts,Paris 1855" and "Calixte Huret" appear on the other. The medal is enclosed in its original velvet-lined leather case with gold lettering "Exposition Universelle de 1855" on the exterior. The truly one-of-a-kind medal was once won and cherished by Adelaide Huret in recognition of her important doll design. Perhaps the most significant doll ephemera yet uncovered concerning 19th century French doll history,it is being sold exactly 150 years after its presentation to that defining doll maker. Superb condition.
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