Extraordinary French Bisque Bebe E.J.A. by Jumeau

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27" (69 cm.) Pressed bisque socket head with long- faced modeling and plump cheeks,large almond shaped brown glass paperweight inset eyes,dark eyeliner,delicately painted lashes,rose blushed eye shadow,widely arched feathered brows,accented eye corners and nostrils,separately modeled pierced ears,brunette mohair wig over original skin wig with hair comb and ribbons,cork pate,French composition and wooden eight-loose- ball jointed body with plump lower limbs. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: EJ/A 10 (head) Jumeau Medaille dÕOr Paris (body). Comments: Emile Jumeau,circa 1880,the deluxe prestige model was presented only in two sizes,and offered for only two years. Value Points: exceptional condition and beauty of the rare bebe,featuring finest bisque and modeling including impressed dimples at lip corners,chin and philtrum,original body and body finish,wonderful antique costume including cutwork dress,undergarments,striped wool stockings,straw bonnet with silk ribbons,signed French shoes,bone bracelet,and carrying little French miniature bone ball and stick toy.
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