An Extraordinary Neopolitan Angel with Carved Wooden Wings

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16" (41 cm.) Of terra cotta,the angel is posed with head turned to the right and gazing downward in a worshipful manner,having deeply-sculpted brown tousled hair with loose curls onto the forehead and nape,enamel inset eyes with heavily-modeled eyelids,aquiline nose,closed mouth with accented lips and two sculpted teeth,painted brows,nostrils,and cheek and chin blush,deeply-defined throat hollow,hemp-wrapped body,terra cotta hands with very expressive fingers and having defined nails and knuckles,and lower legs with defined toes,there is a hole at the back scalp for dowel-attachment of a halo (not included). Condition: generally excellent,all original finish. Comments: representing a male angel,the figure is from the presepio of a very affluent Italian family of the late 18th century. Value Points: the extraordinary artistry of the sculpting and painting are evident in its perfectly preserved state. The angel wears a gown of spun silver with metallic fringe,carries a rare early miniature silver censer,and has extraordinary painted and carved wooden wings (which insert dowel-like in holes at the back torso). The figure carries a blue ribbon award from 2008 UFDC convention.
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