Extremely Rare Early 1800s French Parisienne Doll with Original Body and Costume

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23" (58 cm.) Carton moule shoulderhead of adult lady with oval face, strong chin, elongated throat, defined bosom, aquiline nose, blue glass enamel eyes, eyeliner, painted upper lashes, delicately-feathered brows, closed mouth with primly-shaped lips, impressed chin dimple, ears pierced into her head, brunette hand-knotted human hair wig, original kid body with very high waist and one-piece elongated lower torso and legs, wooden lower arms with nicely-shaped hands. Condition: generally excellent, very sturdy body, some finger rubs. Comments: French, circa 1810, the model known as "Parisian Bust", this example of the luxury quality as indicated by the superb eyes, hand-knotted wig, and deluxe body detail. Value Points: superbly-preserved early French Parisienne, few models of this type and quality still remain in this fine condition, wearing her original cream satin gown with train, and trims of lace, glittering chenille and silver passamenterie, as well as original slippers and undergarments. The exact doll, including a photograph of her body, is shown in The Panorama of Parisienne Dolls, by Theimer, page 85. Ex-Collection June Ellen Lane.
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