Extremely Rare French Bisque Portrait Poupee of Chinese Man with Sculpted Moustache

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19" (48 cm.) Amber-tinted bisque swivel head on matching kid-edged bisque shoulderplate, brown glass inset eyes in slant-cut sockets, painted lashes, feathered brows arched from nose bridge, closed mouth which is partially hidden by a shaped sculpted moustache, pierced ears, black human hair over cork pate, French kid poupee body, wearing multi-layered costume featuring cotton-lined sleeveless silk jacket with velvet petal appliques over purple silk robe and pants, silk slippers, jade earrings. Condition: generally excellent, tiny retouch on shoulderplate near neck may be original. Comments: French, circa 1867, likely created to appeal to the international Asian visitors to the Paris 1867 L'Exposition Universelle. Value Points: extremely rare doll with luminous glowing complexion, well-defined features including moustache.
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