Extremely Rare German All-Bisque Vignette "Kewpie Feeding Baby Kewpie" by Goebel

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2 1/4" (6 cm.) The all-bisque vignette features two Kewpies seated on an oval-shaped blue bisque base, each with topknot, forelock, blue wings, side-glancing googly eyes. The larger Kewpie holds a bisque bowl in his lap and a spoon in his right hand which he is using to feed the smaller Kewpie. The smaller Kewpie has a green scarf tied around his head, his right arm held to his head and his left arm outstretched. Marks: c (in circle on the base) (impressed symbol on base). Comments: Goebel, circa 1917. Value Points: extremely rare model with delightful scene.
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