Extremely Rare German Bisque Doll as "The Work-Table Companion"

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8 1/2" (22 cm.) excluding base. Bisque shoulder head of adult lady with oval face, pale bisque, blonde sculpted hair captured in a green painted snood with purple lustre tassel and white feather trim, painted bright blue eyes, eyeliner, closed mouth, muslin body, bisque lower limbs with painted black boots. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1870. Value Points: the rare and dainty lady with fancily-sculpted hair is wearing her original costume, and was presented in The Englishwoman's Magazine of that time as an exclusive design named "The Work-Table Companion", the costume decorated with a pin-cushion coiffe, pockets with packets of needles, silk reticule enclosing a thimble, and sash pocket with scissors. The presentation is entirely-original, very rare to find, and preserved on its original base under a glass dome. Ex-collection Puppenspielzeug Museum Davos.
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