Extremely Rare Largest Size of the Important American Cloth "Columbian Doll"

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30" (76 cm.) All-cloth doll with stitched-on shoulder-plate head over muslin form,flat-dimensional face with oil-painted complexion and facial features,oil-painted short shaded brown curls,outlined blue eyes with defined pupils and white eye dots,shaded brown encircling eye shadow,short-stroke brows,outlined nose,painted mouth with shaded and outlined lips,muslin stitch-shaped body with oil-painted lower arms and legs,nice antique costume,undergarments,brooch,shoes. Condition: generally excellent,original finish with few typical rubs. Comments: Emma Adams of Oswego,New York,whose doll was entered into competition at the important 1893 Columbian International Exposition where it was the first American doll to be awarded the Gold Medal at any international exposition,an honor previously bestowed mostly on French doll firms such as Jumeau. In homage to this award the doll was thereafter named Miss Columbia,thus Columbian Doll. Value Points: extremely rare largest size of the landmark American doll,of which few examples are known,with very fine artistry of painting of features and complexion.
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