Extremely Rare Small Size of the American Cloth Folk Doll by Izannah Walker

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13" (33 cm.) All cloth doll with pressed and oil-painted facial features and hair depicting a young lad, shaded short brown hair with a row of ringlet curls at the top forehead and at the nape of neck, outlined eye sockets, shaded brown eyes with pronounced pupils, accented nostrils, shaped ears with outlined details, tiny closed mouth, sateen torso cover, oil-painted lower limbs with defined fingers and painted black ankle boots and red-striped stockings, antique costume (alternate jacket included). Condition: very good, original complexion and painting of features, albeit craquelure. Comments: Izannah Walker, circa 1870. Value Points: very rare small size of the iconic American doll, with rare painting of stockings, and owning his own early wooden toy Punch and Judy theatre with simple back and forth movement by side lever.
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