Extremely Rare Swiss/American New Century Disc Music Box

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12" (30 cm.) x 27"w. x 23"d. A grand mahogany-cased table model disc music box which plays an 18 1/2" zinc metal disc, utilizing four 78 tooth combs to create music arrangements and harmonies not possible on nearly any other type of music box. Further, what sets this model apart is not only the use of four combs, but also the making and tuning of two of the four combs in what is known as "Octavo" and which results in yet another layering of the sublime harmonie effect. The music box is in excellent original condition, and includes 16 original zinc music discs and original winding handle. Swiss/American, New Century Music Box, 7000 series, made by Paillard Cie of Ste-Croix, Switzerland in partnership with Synphonion Mfg Co of New Jersey to whom the movements were exported, assembled, cased and marketed in America for a short-lived production period of only three years (1902-1905). The extreme rarity of the box is enhanced by its exceptional technique and sound, and in this present case, by its fine original condition.
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