Extremely Rare Wooden "Blitz", the Riding Rocking Horse by Schoenhut

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45" (114 cm.) l. rockers. The carved wooden horse with swivel head and jointed legs has original dappled white finish, amber glass eyes, carved open mouth with painted teeth, leather ears, horsehair mane and tail, painted hooves. There is a heavy cast metal rod from under-torso which attaches to a wooden platform, which, in turn, is mounted on original wooden rockers. Condition: generally excellent, original finish throughout. Comments: Schoenhut, circa 1910, the pony was presented as "Blitz" in the company's catalogs, shown in an original catalog photograph with a Schoenhut grandson riding atop, and was available as a standing pony (posed on cast metal rod with wooden base) or with the attached rockers. Value Points: either version of "Blitz" is rare as the toy was quite expensive for its time; this rocking version is virtually never found, especially in this remarkably preserved condition.
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