Fabulous German Bisque "Kewpies in a Tree" Under Glass Dome

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24" (61 cm.) A gnarly wooden "tree" with green leaves is posed upon a moss-covered wood base, and playing in the tree are nineteen German bisque Kewpies of various styles, sizes and activities including standing,Thinker, Huggers, Kewpie sweeper, Blunderboo, tumbling Kewpies, Kewpies with cats or chicks, and miniature Kewpies, and one in original silk bunting. The entire arrangement is preserved under a blown glass dome. Condition: two cats have broken tail tips, two others have minor flakes, all others excellent. Marks: (O'Neill or c. or model numbers, some with original paper heart labels). Comments: Germany, circa 1915. Value Points: delightfully fabulous Kewpie arrangement incorporating nineteen different Kewpies.
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