Fine German Porcelain Boy with Sculpted Brown Hair by KPM Meissen

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11" (28 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head with sculpted short brown hair in tousled curls with well-defined striations,painted upper glancing grey eyes,red and black upper eyeliner,brown feathered brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth with center accent dot. softly-blushed cheeks,early muslin body with porcelain lower limbs,expressively-sculpted fingers,painted white stockings with heeled magenta shoes,antique costume. Condition: generally excellent,upper right leg has reglued piece. Marks: (blue crossed swords). Comments: KPM Meisser,their model W 8 A,circa 1880. Value Points: the artistry of the rare model is rivaled by its rarity,superb painting of features and complexion.
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