Four 19th Century Viennese Dance Cards

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3" (8 cm.) -4". Each is a luxury souvenir of an elegant Viennese ball, designed as a remembrance of the significance of that particular formal ball; many include a list of dances designed for a gentleman to write his name, reserving that dance. Included is a miniature ivory silk purse with drawstrings having a symbolic brass medallion with intertwined snake and urn, and a dance card for the ball on the reverse; gold silk padded folio with soutache braid edging and gold tassels, lettered "Concordia Ball: in gilt; green velvet covered card for Ball Finanzwache Wien, 1902"; and a metal-framed velvet shield with tassel and attached dance card on reverse side for Sangerbund, 1888. Excellent condition, each with original attached miniature pencil. Vienna, late 19th century.
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