Four Chinese Wooden Door of Hope Dolls,Three Children

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6" (15 cm.) smallest. Each has carved wooden head with defined and tinted facial features,painted hair,muslin body,three with wooden hands. Including 8" girl with black pate and queue,wearing pale blue and rose costume with silk braiding and silk hat with attached hair; 8" boy with wonderful detail of hair painting,darkened complexion,wearing red silk vest over three-layered robe and undergarments,matching embroidered cap; 6" child with darkened complexion,attached cap with ears,cotton multi-layered costume,slippers; and 13" Amah with highly defined solemn expression,black sculpted hair in chignon with simple clip,wearing rose silk top over two under-layers,black skirt over short trousers,rose silk slippers,beaded black silk cap. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Shanghai Door of Hope mission,circa 1920. Value Points: beautiful group with wonderfully detailed carving and original multi-layered costumes. The dolls were acquired by the Cleveland Museum of Art in 1922
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