Four German All-Bisque Kewpie Scholars

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3 1/2" (9 cm.) h. of double Kewpies. Each is all-bisque with classic Kewpie features of topknot, forelock curl, side-glancing googly eyes, blue wings and impish expression, including seated Kewpie on porcelain "envelope" having signature "with Kewpish love from Rose O'Neill" and real attached US postal stamp (repair on upper pen); another seated all-bisque Kewpie holding an oversized pen; a larger seated Kewpie posed as though turning the pages of a book held on its lap; and a pair of standing Kewpies holding a book, with another book behind their legs. Each with c in circle stamp beneath. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1912, from Rose O'Neill designs.
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