"Fragile and Flowery" Cissy, 1958, Alexander, and Her Companion Cissette

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20" (51 cm.) Hard plastic socket head,blue sleep eyes,lashes,rosy lips and cheeks,dark blonde hair with forehead bangs and curls at her nape,nine-piece adult lady body. She is wearing a white gown with satin bodice and tulle skirt decorated with hand-painted pink and white flowers and accented with petal flowers with rhinestone centers and ruffled tulle sleevelets,organdy underskirt,taffeta petticoat,panties,stockings,rose sling heels,with matching woven straw bonnet trimmed with a flounce of lace and large petal rose,pearls and pearl bracelet,rhinestone earrings,solitaire,fingerless gloves. The costume is tagged "Cissy" and she has her original paper booklet. Excellent overall condition,arms slightly dusty. Also included is her matching companion Cissette (lacking shoes and hat). Alexander,model 2282,from the 1958 "Dolls to Remember" series,the doll was described as wearing "a gown of great beauty,fragile and flowery".
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