French Automaton 'Girl with Bird Cage'

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19" (48 cm) overall. Standing upon a wooden base covered with patterned maroon velvet is a bisque- headed doll with large brown glass paperweight inset eyes, dark eyeliner encircles the eyecut, lushly painted lashes, brushstroked and feathered brows, accented eye corners and nostrils, closed mouth with richly shaded lips, pierced ears, brunette human hair over cork pate, carton torso and legs, wire upper arms, bisque forearms. The girl appears to hold a wooden and metal birdcage in her left hand (it actually protrudes from metal rod in torso) and a teasing rod in her right hand. When wound, music plays and a series of movements follow: the girl turns her head from side to side and up and down, while lifting the teasing rod; when the rod is lowered the bird flutters back and forth. CONDITION: Generally excellent. MARKS: Depose Tete Jumeau Bte SGDG (head) LB (key). COMMENTS: Leopold Lambert, circa 1890, with bisque head by Emile Jumeau. VALUE POINTS: Well-functioning automaton and music, especially beautiful bisque bebe, original silk costume with red velvet "cherry" motif, original paper label on base with boutique label.
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